This tree was in our city park, Ridge Run, since we moved here to West Bend, 42 years ago.  It stood over the pond as if a sentinel guarding the entrance to the park.  It must have been leaning ever so slightly but gradually more over the years as to be unnoticeable, and it seemed as if it would always be there.  I went back to the park this winter after another Wisconsin snowstorm to find the tree no longer there.  The tree was not in the pond, but the snow was too deep to look for a stump.  I was so surprised and saddened by its absence, but also grateful to have images from last year’s storm.  The title, “Persistence”, seems an apt title.

One Response to “Persistence”

  1. Cindy Bur

    Lovely photo of an enduring tree. So happy you got it on film before she met her demise.


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