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This tree was in our city park, Ridge Run, since we moved here to West Bend, 42 years ago.  It stood over the pond as if a sentinel guarding the entrance to the park.  It must have been leaning ever so slightly but gradually more over the years as to be unnoticeable, and it seemed as if it would always be there.  I went back to the park this winter after another Wisconsin snowstorm to find the tree no longer there.  The tree was not in the pond, but the snow was too deep to look for a stump.  I was so surprised and saddened by its absence, but also grateful to have images from last year’s storm.  The title, “Persistence”, seems an apt title.

Un Negozio

Negozio means “shop” in Italian, explaining the name of this image.  We came upon this shop as we strolled through Orvieto, a charming town about an hour north of Rome by train.  Orvieto has a gorgeous cathedral that demands a stop there.  The countryside surrounding Orvieto is lovely with olive groves and vineyards, and there are small roads to go exploring.  Worth a night or two!



So if you haven’t been to Slovenia, it’s time to go!  Autumn has to be the best time of year for a visit.  It’s an amazingly beautiful country just east of Italy with many photo opportunities.  The capital city, Ljubljana, is an architectural wonder.  Jože Plečnik, famous in the field of architecture, designed a great many of the buildings and bridges in the old part of Ljubljana; it is often referred to as “Plečnik’s Ljubljana”.  Modeled after Athens, it is often referred to as one of the 20th century’s most important total works of art.  So, architecture photographers, this is the place.

One morning we woke up quite early, hoping for a beautiful sunrise in Ljubljana, but stepped outside to a very dense fog.  No sunrise, but the fog was amazing!  The bridges over the Ljubjanica River were well-lit with lovely street lights.  An unforgettable morning!


A 45 minute drive from Ljubljana is Bled, which is at the foot of the Julian Alps and a perfect spot from which to make day trips. Bled is on a beautiful little lake with a small island crowned by a quaint little church and a medieval castle high above the lake that overlooks the town. 

Nearby is Vintgar Gorge which is not to be missed.  The Radovna River has cut a mile long gorge with canyon walls that soar 160 to 300 feet high.  It took us almost two hours to hike the gorge because there were photo opportunities at every turn.  Bring a tripod, because you will find that some exposures will be longer than can be handheld.  I always use a remote cord too.


You will find rapids, quiet azure or golden pools and waterfalls. 


From Bled one can make side trips into the mountains where there are small villages to explore, mountain lakes, and beautiful drives.  Add Slovenia to your bucket list!