Artist’s Statement


As a child, my very first camera was a Brownie, and thus began my love of photography. I remember waiting with expectation for the film to be developed into prints and later on, slides. I have now moved on to digitally-based photography. I lose all track of time and find myself immersed in whatever subject I have chosen. My choice of subject comes from my interest in the concept of beauty and the emotional connections that can then be made.   I have two goals actually. One is to capture my subjects when the light is beautiful and perfect, an elusive but rewarding aspiration. The other is to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. My intention is to foster a desire to care for and preserve the beauty in our world, whether it be an old doorway in Italy or an icy river in the Kettle Moraine. We are the caretakers, and it falls on us all to succeed in this task.

Although my photography can be eclectic, it centers mostly on landscape photography, both rural and urban, and macro photography, which allows the intricacies in nature to reveal themselves. My process is the use of a digital camera, often with tripod. I do minimal editing, intending for the viewer to see what I saw at that moment. I do my own printing, matting, and framing.


Sue Perse Photography

West Bend, WI


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