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Ljubljana, Slovenia

We rose early before the sun to catch a sunrise, but as we exited the hotel, we realized that the city was blanketed in fog. At first, it was disappointing, until I realized how beautiful everything was! We spent quite a bit of time capturing the old town until it became light, and the fog disappeared. Ljubljana is a beautiful city in Eastern Europe. Many of the beautiful buildings and bridges were designed by Joze Plecnik, an amazing Slovenian architect, in the first few decades of the 1900’s. Fortunately, they were not destroyed during World War I or II or during Communism. Slovenia is a lovely country with much to offer. I recommend a trip there! (This image is found in Urban Landscapes.)

Vintgar Gorge

Less than an hour away from Ljubljana is a spectacular gorge that is well worth the drive. I have to say this is a must. The fall colors were very lovely, so I’d recommend going to Slovenia in Fall if possible. We took a leisurely walk, stopping often for shots or just to take in the waterfalls, ponds, and rapids. I’d recommend arriving as it opens to avoid the crowds, especially because you will want to take your camera. There is something beautiful to shoot around every turn. (As you can see, there is a walking path with boardwalks and some steps.) (This image is found in Rural Landscapes.)

Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park on the west side of Ireland is quite enchanting. I almost expected to see one of the wee people pop out at any time. There are mountains, lakes, wild areas for hiking, jaunting cars and pony rides, and beautiful scenery. If you are heading to the west coast, which is a must, plan a day in the Park and surrounds. The west coast would be my choice for a first time in Ireland, but there is so much to do and see there elsewhere too. (This image is found in Rural Landscapes.)

Wild Atlantic Way

This amazing view of the western coast of Ireland is located near Dingle, a small town noted for Irish music. The Wild Atlantic Way stretches for 1500 miles and is lovely from start to finish. The route is broken down into five sections:

There are small one-lane side roads to leave the main route and explore more gorgeous coastline and small villages along the way. So many opportunities for photography!


This lovely, amazing tree leaned over the pond for many years, and seemed to defy gravity. It was there when my girls, who are grown now, were small and we picnicked under it in Summer, and in the Fall it stood over the beginning of the hiking trail. In Winter this city park became a wonderland after a good snow, and in Spring the wildflowers and ferns sprouted. There was beauty all during the year, but sadly last year I went after a beautiful snowstorm, and it was gone. I don’t know its fate, if it came down on its own, or did a city crew help it on its way?

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